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1. What are your terms of agreement?

COMMERCIAL: We require a one-year agreement with an automatic renewal option, unless notified within 60 days written notice of cancellation. Terms are cancellable with 60 days written notification by either party.

RESIDENTIAL: You may cancel at anytime. We do ask for notification to be given  24 hours in advance, if you need to suspend or cancel the service for any reason.

2. What is compost?

Compost is the poop of small creatures, both big and small, essentially microorganisms. It’s the decomposition of organic material that we refer to as rotting. It’s the waste residue of worms, flies and micro-organisms; naturally returning this digested material back to whence it came, the earth. 

Composting organic waste is an old-school solution to waste management that requires no perfection. It is a proven approach to recycling a wide variety of organic materials e.g., food, leaves, grass and twigs, that when properly managed(watered, turned and aerated), produces a valued organic matter that enhances the chemical, physical and biological properties of soil. It is not a “fertilizer”, although it can reduce the amount of fertilizer needed by replacing nitrogen naturally. Using food waste to grow more food defines sustainability. And, because of its many uses, it is commonly referred to as black gold. 

3. Why should I compost?

We need to improve how we treat the waste we create so that it does no harm and is not dumped into our neighbor’s backyard at their expense. Think of it this way. If we are able to reuse any product, rather than recreate it from scratch, is there a benefit to doing so? Yes. We reduce the impact and cost of creating something from scratch. Local jobs are created which can not be outsourced. Dollars stay within the community and being green promotes a vibe that is attractive to a younger workforce. Think San Francisco, Portland, Austin or Denver. These are cool, attractive cities that promote composting. We innovate from there to source better ways of protecting the earth and our own well being. This is why you should compost.  Sign up today.

4. What can I compost?

If it’s natural, it most likely can be composted. Here’s a list of acceptable compostable items from both residential and commercial sources.

5. What size bins are available?

For residential customers, we use 5 gallon bins with lids. For commercial customers, we use 64 gallon rollout bins with lids.

6. Can I use my own bin or bucket for collecting waste? 

No. We use bins that reduce pest issues and are of the same color to further identify its use.

7. Do I have to use your compostable bag liners? 

Only if transferring waste from an indoor collection bin to an outdoor collection bin are bags necessary. If you use your own compostable bag liners, they must be approved by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) or meet the standards of the U.S. Composting Council with a designated ASTM number that demonstrates that the bags have been certified and meets their standards for biodegradability. If you don't already have biodegradable bags, we would love to help you out! Purchase your bag liners here!

8. How frequently do you pick up waste? 

For residential customers, once per week coinciding with our commercial schedule below. For commercial customers, twice weekly to date; Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday.

9. What happens to the waste once it’s picked up?

In the past, we’ve donated several tons of food waste compost to Fall Creek Gardens, IPS , Park Tudor, among other schools to encourage organic vegetable gardening, and will continue to do so in the future. Our goal is to assist initiatives that promote self-sufficiency through food security by supporting urban agriculture and the return to kitchen or “victory gardens”. 

We also offer GWI’s premium blend compost or 50/50 blend of soil and compost for sale in bulk.

1o. Can I get some of the compost back?

Yes, but only in bulk. We charge by the yard (9 cubic feet) for bulk delivery, plus shipping cost. For bulk rate information, contact us today!

11. How do I sign up?

It's easy! Visit our sign up page to join our community!

12. How much is curbside pick up? 

For residential service, click here. For commercial or institutional service, click here.

13. How do I pay?

We invoice monthly and accept checks or credit cards. Or you can pay online by purchasing a monthly package. 

14. What areas do you serve?

We’re growing GWI by zip code. If we do not currently service your zip code, keep in touch, we will be there soon.

15. Why should I pay for this service and another trash service as the same time?

Indiana is responsible for the second largest landfill operation, and may be known as the landfill capital of the world. Our state's waste “tipping” fees (not a gratuity) are so low that other states dump their waste here, which results in a large accumulation of waste on our precious land.  If you want to learn more, click here!

The goal is to reduce the amount of compostable waste dumped into landfills. This shift will reduce your waste management cost and grow a greener, more sustainable Indiana.